Happy New Year !!!

Blywyddyn Newydd Dda aka Happy New Year to all our hoggyliciously hogified friends and supporters of The Happy Hedgehog Rescue. The midnight hour of the looming New Year won’t be long but I fear I shall fast asleep by then. This is a BIG Thank You to all who have supported us this year. We are not only a self funded rescue at present but a jobless one lol, so any support has meant the world to me. We have looked after many hundreds of hedgehogs all year round and had our 5th anniversary in Sept/ October. 2015 brings with it lots of new challenges and many ways to improve and build upon. A special thank you goes to our vets, volunteers of 2014 including our committee, fostering team, Hoggycraft team – you are my friends, my sanity and my backbone.
My New Years Wish is of course for World Peace but failing that for raised awareness, respect and access for our dwindling wildlife, no more badger culls etc and a lifetime ban on fox hunting, no caged farm animals, Taiiji to be BLUE all year round- well you get the drift…….
Have fun tonight but be safe and happy in the coming year.
PS. Any lottery winners please do give me a call x

Happy New Year from Jayne and The Happy Hedgehog Family

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